National Envelope is NOT NEC.

November 2, 2011
Dear Valued Customer,
You may have seen recent information about National Envelope Corporation (NEC) converting to Chapter 7. It is important for you to know these proceedings are unrelated to us.
National Envelope (that’s our organization) is operating the business acquired by the Gores Group. The Gores Group acquired National Envelope (NE Opco, Inc.) from National Envelope Corporation (the previous company) in September 2010.
National Envelope (NE Opco, Inc.) is a separate and distinct entity and is not associated with National Envelope Corporation. Any information you receive about National Envelope Corporation (NEC) and its bankruptcy proceedings are not applicable to us.
We understand the concern this may have caused. This is the reason we wanted to be proactive and communicate with you.
We thank you for your continued support of National.
Kenneth S. Winterhalter

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